Stardust and wanderlust

Stardust and wanderlust

My bags are packed, and I’m ready to fly…

I have all that I need. I understand my present by understanding my past. My current path isn’t arbitrary. Today’s journey is built upon each step that I have taken up to today. All the mistakes I have made. All the victories I have won. All the doors I have knocked on and even those I was too afraid to walk through. All of these experiences led me here.

Everything is sacred. Nothing is lost.

I have my feet on this particular patch of heaven for a reason.

I’m in the best place that I can be, because from here I can choose…

I can keep going. I can pause. I can turn left, right or inward. But whichever path I choose I also commit to it. Journeys are rigorous. They take effort. Stamina. Dedication. Decision. I decide to be here, no matter how hard, how uncertain or how unnerving. I decide to be present to this and I accept all that it brings. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. A little bit of guiding light at a time.

Although uncertainties and unknowns will surely follow me, I know that I don’t need to have it all figured out. Or anything figured out. I just have to show up with what I have, with everything I have in the moment, and see what use I can be.

My wanderlust is fueled by stardust.

Like you, I am just momentary gold… like sun to the night.


[This is part of a letter I wrote to my mother in August 2016. She is very loving, but has always struggled to understand my choices to travel, live and work abroad.]