For years I have traveled, wandered and worked in different countries. As I move, I observe the world intensely. Writing and silence have been my constant companions in a quest to understand the world and to process the multitude of human stories and situations.

I have come to believe that cultural diversity is simply resonance and variation within a single, beautiful, human heartbeat. It is powerful, and it is also fragile. It offers so much to be gained, learned and loved, but these benefits are only possible through the portals of open hearts and minds.

I have also observed the hyper-digital connectivity of our time with a growing sense of wonder. While we have never been more capable of connecting to each other across land and sea, this era carries with it a void and virtual falsity that leaves many feeling evermore empty, isolated and alone. Why are we drifting farther away from meaningful interrelationship? How do we find our way forward to a consciousness that is accepting and compassionate? How do we embrace the human heartbeat in all its variations and forms without fear?

This blog is an attempt to give voice to my thoughts, emotions and experiences, while also exploring the quest for interconnection. In so many ways, this has always been the quest that drives me

Speaking of which, I published a minibook in 2010, titled “MoyoMaya: Sacred Space Between Us and the Power to Change the World“. You are welcome to download the eBook to read more about this “quest” as I see it. Admittedly, the book needs fresh content and an update (after 10 continued years of “questing”), and I plan to get to that very soon.

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Tanja Kisslinger