Heart wide open

Heart wide open

Vulnerability is to be alive – fully alive with heart wide open. Having dropped the walls and armor required for perceived safety, the vulnerable heart leaps off the edge without reservation.

Vulnerability is bravery, courage, unrelenting faith in the possibility of that which has not yet happened or perhaps has never been seen or experienced before.

Vulnerability is raw, empty space… willing and wide to be filled by whatever may come. Vulnerability knows it is strong enough to push out any darkness that is served.

Vulnerability lies in wait – and charges forward – unafraid.

Vulnerability may be quiet, and may hide in plain sight. The risks taken and bets cast lie within, and require no validation or visibility. The heart, broken or whole, journeys alone.

And so, vulnerability may be underestimated, but it is never weak.


[The heart painting shown here is done by my love and husband, Patrick John Mills. Patrick is an internationally renown painter and poet, and his abstract expressionist art is raw and powerful. Please take a moment to learn more about him (www.patrickjohnmills.com) and his incredible Art Factory project (www.liveloveartfactory.com).]