Note to self

Note to self


That is, take the moment. Stop more often, and just reflect on the amazing experience you are having right then and there. Open your eyes, hear the words, breathe it in… Life is lived in the moments that you burn into your memory by appreciation. It is meant to be savored, not survived.


Safety, security and much of Western life is an illusion. Risk is the only way to move forward, to step outside of your comfort zone, to change and grow. But here’s the important part: No one can tell you what “risk” is for you… you get to decide that. Risk is not the same for everyone. It doesn’t always look like jumping from an airplane. It may be saying “yes” to a marriage proposal, or taking an overseas job, or taking a class. It may be about entering a competition, speaking your truth to friends and family, or putting yourself first. It may mean selling your home and belongings to do great works, or it may be much quieter than that. The point is, there is no “right way” to risk… there is only the danger that you will not take any at all.


Do more things that will live on after you die; it’s that simple. This life was never meant for your momentary pleasure. If (as I believe) the purpose of life is service, then the ultimate service is to serve those you may never meet… to create some condition that enables others to be comforted, to have an improved experience, to be loved. Our time here is so brief, but our impact, effect and memory doesn’t have to be.

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