Thoughts on being human

Thoughts on being human

I have traveled far, and in many countries
But I have never found one culture or creed that was correct
And yet I have found truth and authenticity in all of them
In each of them

You will never be what you think you are — “right”
You will never NOT be a part of a greater whole
You will never NOT be a small contributor to a greater fabric
You will never see that greater fabric with your human eyes

But you will always feel it with your spiritual self
You know when you are supporting, integrating, enhancing, contributing
You know when you are providing the channel of energy that you were uniquely designed to provide
You know it in your soul

Humility is not about modesty
Humility is bowing before the greatness of infinity
Before the wisdom of the spiritual universe
Before the innate knowledge that you are a small part of something greater

Humility is love
It is an act of worship and gratitude to a greater life
It is an act of respect
It is an openness to constant learning

Humility is growth
It is surrendering to the limitless potential of this life
It is surrendering to the truth that you cannot know
It is surrendering to the inevitability that you will one day know
That you will remember
That you agree, in the meantime, you have much to learn


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