Sole to Soul

Sole to Soul

I look through all these old emails, old journals, old messages. I’m treasure hunting. I’m picking up the breadcrumbs, desperate to figure out where it is that I’ve always been headed… or at the very least, how to return home (when “home” as a destination has never really existed at all).

It’s time now. The pressure tells me…

It’s time to draw the disparate together. The physical, emotional, spiritual, ethereal… and all the dusty, hot places my feet have met this earth. Transmitting their messages through my soles, to be encoded in my soul.

Sole to Soul.

I hadn’t imagined that a journey which spanned 20 years would not end, but instead would turn into another quest. The journey of my feet has finally transmuted to a quest of my soul. I am not content to simply have experienced, and consumed. I feel a sense of urgency and responsibility to derive meaning, and to bring that back with me. To create from it – as if molding clay. To create something in time and space, that will embody and take forward everything that has moved me, that has spoken to me in between the countries, the cultures, the faces and voices.

It’s as though I’m standing at the base of a 15 foot wall of library books – all neatly and tightly packed, each calling to me to have their story heard and included.

How do I bring this all together?

The transitions of life are never easy; that much I’ve learned by now. But now, as I face yet another transition, I feel resolution and calm – this is new.